Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lip product Tuesday: Russian Red MAC

Hello Sweethearts,

Today is Tuesday which means Lip product Tuesday & I decided to share a bold colour today.

It's this gorgeous red lipgloss by MAC. I normally don't like red lip products but for this one I make an exception.

The colour is Russian Red & it's from MAC's permanent line. MAC actually calls it a lipglass instead of a lipgloss

The lipgloss has a spongetip applicator which applies really nice & smooth. The lipgloss itself isn't sticky but very smooth and moisturizing.

Here is a swatches. It's so red it almost looks like blood.
I really like it & it matches my favourite bow.

My bare lips.

Wearing Russian Red, Half sunlight half shadow.

My lips in the sunlight.

What's your favourite MAC lipgloss?


  1. Such a lovely colour! xx


  2. My all time favorite ! Julia I have a question. I saw a sequined shorts in forever 21in black. I like it but I'm thinking if I should buy it or a matte gold miniskirt.can I send you the pics?:-) you think I can wear the shorts during the day?:-)

    1. Yes ofcourse you can send me a picture !
      && yes if it's warm enough outside you can deff wear shorts outside [also if it's cold with tights or something]
      I love sequins && I encourage everyone to wear them on an everyday basis ;]

  3. This is probably my favorite lipstick by M.A.C!! :) the color is beautiful!!