Friday, July 13, 2012

NYX Jumbo Pencils: Baby blue, Lavender & Strawberry Milk

Hello Sweethearts,
Today I'm going to review the Jumbo pencils from NYX. I have had them for a while now & never actually reviewed them on my blog [as far as I know].
I did  review them on my youtube channel. But for some reason I felt like their aren't enough reviews about these pencils so that's why I'm writing this review?!

[feel free to click on any of the pictures to make them lager]

The first pencil is this Baby blue. I choose this one because of the name && also I use to wear a LOT of blue eyeshadows.
&& to be honest no make up collection is complete without a light blue eyeshadow, right?

This is the Baby blue swatch. It's honestly a very gorgeous colour ! It's very pigmented.

The second Jumbo pencil I own is Lavender. I actually bought this one because of the name. I totally love the flower Lavender. It also looked more white than purple on the website I bought it on. I still like it though. I also had a period in which I wore a lot of purple eyeshadows.

This is the swatch of Lavender. As you can see it's truely purple.

And the third Jumbo pencil I own is in Strawberry Milk. I bought this one because 80% of my eyeshadows are pink. I always thought that me wearing pink eyeshadows was going to be something I would do a lot. I actually never did. However I still like this one.

This is the swatch of Strawberry Milk. I  like that this one has a light pink with the 'metallic shine' effect.

To be complete honest I barely use these NYX jumbo pencils. When I bought them it their was a whole hype around them. Because their cheap & an eyeshadow & primer in one. I maybe would have used this pencils a lot if I didn't already have MAC paintpot & maybe if I bought the white pencil.
I wouldn't deny that these are good, because they're. I always use these as primer when I'm doing a whole face art thing around halloween. & it always stays on for more than 12 hours. But for everyday basis they're just not my thing.

What do you think about the NYX jumbo pencils?
Which one is your favourite?