Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pretty Little Liars inspired nails - Hanna episode 4 season 3

Hello Sweethearts,
I'm so excited about this post ! YEAY a pretty little liars inspired post. This time I made sure I had a picture to compare.

In  season 3 episode 4 Hanna has these cute Matte blue nails with metallic blue dots. You can click on the picture to enhance.

A close up.

To re create these nails I applied a Metallic blue to my nails. I used Piere 17 by NYC but every metallic blue could do. Like Into the night by OPI for instance.

Than I applied Matte me Crazy by NYC ontop of the blue nail polish.

I used the biggest dotting tool I own and dotted with the same metallic blue nail polish on my nails. And that's all!

I absolutely love it !

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