Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: So Sweet, So Easy by MAC

Hello Sweethearts,
Today I'm going to review the first cream blush I ever bought. I actually think that one of my first blog tutorials was with this blush. I also rememeber starting with a story that I had a dream in which I had the perfect cheeks and I used this blush, read more here.

But today I'm actually just going to review this blush.

I find this a really easy cream blush to work with. It's quite pigmented but it's still a light and soft colour. At the same time you can't over do this blush, believe me the first time I tried to over do this blush but the colour won't get any darker than it is.

What I also like about this blush is that I can easily apply it to liquid, powder or no foundation. It doesn't apply the same but it's still do-able && stays on perfect. Which really surpirses me because most powder foundations don't really go with cream blushes. && most blushes don't show up on my face without a foundation underneed it.

&& here is the gorgeous swatch.

One down side is that the blush gets really dirty quick not sure why. && I also don't like to use my brushes in this blush because it kinda messes up my brushes.

What's your favourite cream blush?

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