Thursday, August 2, 2012

Forever21 haul

Hello Sweethearts,
Yesterday I received my Forever21 package. & today I'm going to show you what I bought.

The first item is a pearl headband for €2.90.

The second item is a lipstick Love & beauty by Forever21 in the color Rose. I will review this one upcoming Tuesday. The lipstick was also €2.90.

The third item is this gorgeous gold bow ring with pink stones. I totally adore this ring. The ring was also €2.90.

The fourth item is this Lace see through black top. I bought this one to go with my new pants. I really like the detailing. This goes perfect with anything. The top was only €9.99.

And the last item is this sequins top. I really like it because it isn't as flashy as my other sequined tops. The top was origanilly €7.99 but I later saw that I got this one for free. Which is super nice.

In totally, with shipping, it cost me €24.69 which isn't expensive at all. I may shop again at forever21.

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