Sunday, August 12, 2012

Haul: H&M, L'oréal, Essence, Barry M, Topshop &17

Hello Sweethearts,
Yesterday I showed you my Wishlist && today I show you what I bought or got this past week.

I bought these blue treggings from H&M for €9.95. I also got them in red.

I also bought a L'oréal lipstick from the Rouge Caresse line. I got the color Innocent pink. This one looks like a pretty good dupe for the Revlon Cotton Candy lipbutter. The lipstick is normally €14.99 but I got it for €12.99.

From Essence I got the new peel off base coat nail art nail polish. I'm excited to try this one because if it really works it would be perfect. && if it doesn't it wouldn't be a waste since it was only €2.39.

I also got the Essence nail art Glowing in the dark topper. I have been looking for a glow in the dark nail polish forever now I'm so excited that I finally found one ! This one was €1.89.

&& I decided to also pick the 2 in 1 volume mascara up. I have always wanted to try a mascara like this but never wanted to pay a lot. && Since this one was only €3.29 I was like why not? I can't wait to try it!

Essence also had a small sale so I decided to buy this On top lipgloss for €1.00. You're suppose to apply this ontop of a lipgloss to change it's effect or color, I'm really curious.

The last item from Essence are these nail art create your own rings set. I saw it & I thought:  'cool let's try this'. What I really like is that you can remove your design with nail polish remover && re-use the ring.
However I don't really like the design of the ring itself. These three rings are together €1.99.

 I already used one to make an awesome Batman ring.

From my sister I got as a present these two special effect Barry M nail polishes. She gave me Chameleon Blue & Croc Effects. I can't wait to try them out!

She also gave me this gorgeous Topshop nail polish in the color Lead. I'm currently wearing it on my nails right now && it's absolutely gorgeous!

Last but not least she also gave me this 17 limited edition Best of British nail art kit. Which made me sooo HAPPY. I have been reading a lot of good review about these && I have been secretely wanting it ever since. The brushes of these are so much more tinner & nicer than the ones I have been using.

Let me know which products you want me to review
or swatch
I would love to see what you bought this weekend !

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