Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Review: Essence Stay All Day long lasting [cream] eyeshadow - Stars & Stories

Hello Sweethearts,
Today I'm going to review Essence's stay all day, long lasting eyeshadow in the colour Stars & Stories.

  The first thing I want to say about this product is that I really like how simple the packaging is. Also it doesn't break that fast, I already dropped mine.

The stay all day long lasting eyeshadow collection has 6 different colors. I got mine for only €1.40.

It's basically a cream metallic eyeshadow. I use mine like it's a MAC paint pot. So I kind of use it as my eyeshadow base.

The swatch on my skin doesn't look that metallic & kind of see through but when you apply it on your eye lids it's really metallic & not see through at all.
Also I was amazed by how long this swatch stayed on after I swatched it. Especially because the weather was really hot & I was kind of sweating. Normally when I'm to lazy to remove a swatch it stays on for like 15 minutes but this one stayed on for over an hour.

The first picture is without flash & the second picture is with flash. The eyeshadow is really easy to apply. I do recommend to not apply to much because the eyeshadow will "crackle" after a few hours. One thin layer is also pigmented enough.

This is my finished look. I wear in my crease Benefits Where there's smokey eyeshadow. & In my inner corner I wear a the metallic white eyeshadow from my Guerlain eyeshadow pallete.

The cream eyeshadow stayed in place the whole day. && by the end of the day it still looked as fabulous as by the beginning of the day.

Have you ever tried one of Essence's eyeshadows?
Which one?
Which one would you like to try?

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