Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Where there's smoke by Benefit

Hello Sweethearts,
Today I'm going to review one of my all time favourite eyeshadows. Where there's smoke by Benefit.

I really like the doves on the packaging! I also love how simple it is. & the amount of product is not to much & not to little, just enough.

What I dislike about the packaging is that it easily breaks. I mean mine doesn't shut anymore && Benefit is quite an expensive brand.

But I absolutely love the eyeshadow itself. The color is quite unique, you can use it to create smokey eyes but you can also use it for a natural look. Depending on the other eyeshadows colors you use.
The eyeshadow looks greyish but in some light it has a hint of green.

This eyeshadow is deff a long wearing eyeshadow. It's also very pigmented. What more can I say? I absolutely love it && use it every day for the past half year !

What's your favourite eyeshadow?
What do you think of the benefit eyeshadows?


  1. Benefit is so expensive so its super dodgy how the packaging broke!! Oh well at least the product is nice :) xx

  2. the color is really pretty, perfect for smokey looks :) XO