Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wishlist #1

Hello Sweethearts,
Normally I show you what I bought in a Haul post. But since I haven't bought a lot over the past few weeks I decided to do a Wishlist instead of a Haul post.

The first thing on my Wishlist is a Topshop nail polish,  actually every Topshop nail polish. Topshop is one of my favourite nail polish brands but unfortunally they don't ship outside the UK. So I have to wait till I re-visit the UK to buy one [read: the WHOLE collection]. 
In the picture I show the colour Helter Skelter. Topshop nail polishes are £5.00/£6.00.

The second thing on my Wishlist is a top from H&M. This one is unfortunally always sold out. The top is €29.95.

The third time on my Wishlist is the Fold up Sequins Ballerina by Dune. I still wonder why I didn't buy them when I had the chance since these are 'only' £20.00. But I have that feeling with almost everything Dune sells. Their shoe collection is always so sparkle that I want to have it all !!!!

The fourth && last item is a Holographic nail polish. I have been looking for one everywhere but yet I can't find them, unless they come with a shipping above the €30. In the picture I show the Layla holographic effect Nail polish from Ulta, this one is $15.50.
owwh.. How I wish that my nails had an amazing holographic shine *sigh* .

What's on your Wishlist?



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  2. Great wishlist! I love your blog so I followed you! On my wishlist there are so many things, but at the top I would have to say there is the smash box primer, a nars blusher (Laguna of course!) and some lovely opi nail polishes! Hehe xo