Monday, October 29, 2012

Unboxing the Glossybox of October

Hello Sweethearts,

Yess it's that time of the month again, UNBOXING TIME !

The theme of this months box is 'Time to dress up'.

This month I got 6 products instead of 5.

The first item is the ELF eyelash curler. The eyelash curler is worth €1.

The second item is the Rituals perfection volume mascara. I'm very happy with this new fullsize mascara && I can't wait to use it. The mascara is worth €15.50.

The third item is the Ginvera green tea exfoliating marvel gel. The descripton claims that this exfoliating gel doesn't only moisterizes but also cleans sensitive skin. It's the best sold exfoliater in Azië for the past 16 years.
To be honest I'm kind of scared to use it because the last two time Glossybox sent me something for sensitive skin it kind of ruwned my skin.
The gel is worth € 27.50.

The fourth item is the Anatomicals Snog me senseless breath freshener. Do I need to say more, haha. The breath freshener is worth € 3.95.

The fifth item is the Burth's bees beeswax lip balm. This lipbalm is made of natural products && not tested on animals. The lipbalm  is worth € 3.95.

Last but not least the sixth item is the Weleda wilde rose smoothing facial lotion. I'm actually going to give this one away. I feel like it's nothing for me. The facial lotion is worth € 16.21.
I'm very happy with this months Glossybox!
What did you think?

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