Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bristol haul: Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Primark & More!

Hello Sweethearts,

As you may know, I went to Bristol last week. && ofcourse I had to go shopping!
&& shopping means buying stuff, which means showing stuff, which means a HAUL !


At Topshop I bought this unbelievably cute sweater, for 24 pound. it use to be 42 pound.

I also bought four topshop nail polishes. I got gypsy night && a set of three. I will swatch them soon! The set of three was 14 pound & the one nail polish was 6 pound.

At boots I bought two Fish hairdressing co products, Silk smoothing cream & High gloss serum. There was a 2 for 3 pound sale on the Fish products.
And at a random store I bought the visibly clear pink grapefruit facial wash from Neutrogena. For 3.50 pound.

At Urban outfitters I bought this Co cup on ice cup for less than 5 pound. && The gorgeous glitter wallet for also less than 5 pound.

I also went to Asda where I bought White chocolate stars, strawberry mashmallow Fluff && british edible flakes.
The gingerbreadman cookie cutters are from

At Primark I bought a headband for 1.50 pound. && glitter top for 8 pound & a batman shirt for 6 pound.

And this ubelievable cute onesie for 12 pound.



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