Saturday, November 17, 2012

Julia's Fashion Minute: Floral legging

Hello Sweethearts,

Yes two fashion posts in two days. I didn't decided yet if I wanted to do a whole week of fashion videos but I did decide to share this outfit. I thought it was kinda fab.

Since floral or flower printed leggins are hot this season I went through my old clothes and decided to start wearing these leggings again.
This is like one of the bizilion reasons I don't like throwing out clothes, because you never know when it's in style again.

The light pink top is from H&M. The white scarf is also from H&M.

The white bow is from a random tie shop.

The floral legging is from H&M. The whitish glitter socks are also from H&M. The pink uggs are from the uggs store.

The glitter brush I show in the video is from Claire's.

What are your thoughts on the new floral legging trend?

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