Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lipproduct Tuesday: Essence Almost famous.

Hello Sweethearts,
Today it's a Tuesday which mean that I'm going to share a lipproduct with you. I have been wanting to share this lipproduct for a while now but I never found the right Tuesday. And I guess this Tuesday is the perfect Tuesday to share it with you. Not sure why.
But anywayz this lipproduct is one of my fall favourites. I never really wear a lot of lipstick. Well I use to never wear a lot of lipstick untill I bought this lipstick.&& that's the reason why I'm so excited to share it with you!

The lipstick I'm talking about is by the brand Essence  in the colour 44 Almost famous. On the picture the lipstick looks kinda pink but in real life it's a true red. 
The packaging is quite simple. I love that the colour of the packeging is the same colour as the lipstick.

The lipstick reminds me of a lipbutter. Just as a lipbutter you have to build up the colour, as you can on the swatch picture. This way you can decide how red you want your lips to be.

The lipstick not only looks beautifull on the lips but also feels very soft, like a lipbalm. It also smells very nice, kinda fruity but not to fruity.
Overall I think this lipstick is one of the best lipsticks I ever tried. && that only for €1.99. I have spend so much more for less.
Only downside is that this is one of the few non glittery 'matte' lipsticks Essence sells. I hope they add more of these beauties to the collection soon!
Have you ever tried an Essence lipstick?
What's your favourite colour?

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