Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review: MAC Fabulousness 5 neutral eyes.

Hello Sweethearts,
A few days ago I tweeted && instagramed a picture of a new eyeshadow palette that I bought from MAC.
To be honest I was absolutely in love with the Fabulousness collection by MAC but I found the price quite high. After thinking about it for weeks I decided that I deserved a little threat.

I eventually decided to go with the 5 neutral eyes.
I'm so glad that I bought it, the packaging is so me && eyeshadow colors are very nice.

From left to right ; Blonde Mink (L), Magical Mist (L), Brun (S), Enviable (VXP), Smut (V).

From left to right ; Blonde Mink (L), Magical Mist (L), Brun (S), Enviable (VXP), Smut (V).
The swatches aren't that good probably because I didn't use a primer. But on your eyes it looks A LOT better and it has a lot more pigment.
Enviable actually looks a lot like Where there is smoke by Benefit cosmetics. The other colors remind me of the Heaven and Earth pallete by MUA but yet the texture isn't similiar.
Like I said before I'm very happy that I bought this palette!
Let me know if you want to see an eyelook with this pallete
If you bought anything from the Fabulousness collection by MAC
your thoughts!


  1. Looks very pretty! I would love to see your eye look!

  2. I bought this same pallete a few weeks ago. I dont have the slightest idea how to use it. Can you give a tutorial? Also it might be good to know that i hardly ever use eyemake up- so perhaps thats why im a bit lost. Lol