Sunday, December 9, 2012

DIY: Make up brush holders.

Hello Sweethearts,
As promissed, A DIY in which I show you what I do with my used candle containers. In this DIY I'm showing you what I do with the containers made out of glass.

[My roommade also knows a different one in which he uses the metal containers to make flowers. ]

What you need are empty containers. I already soaked mine in hot water to get most of the wax out.

Also very necessary is glue && glitter.

Clean the glass containers entirely.  Than use a brush to spread the glue evenly on the inside of one of the containers. Now throw some glitter combinations in there and turn the glass around untill the inside is bedazzled with glitters.
Make sure there isn't any excess glitter in the containers by taping them on the outside.

Let it dry for a day && your done.


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