Monday, December 3, 2012

Julia's Fashion Minute: Sweater with arm patches, Brown leggings & Pink top.

Hello Sweethearts,

For today I have two outfits of the day!
One I made a video of and the other was just super random, haha.

Outfit one:

I'm wearing my new favorite sweater with arm patches from Clockhouse. A darkbown tank top from H&M. Knitted leggings also from H&M. My white scarf, again from H&M. High black glitter socks, do I need to say it again? Yes, they're also from H&M. && My pink UGGS.
Outfit 2:

I'm wearing the same sweater as in the picture above. [Since it's my new favorite sweater, I also got the sweater in blue.] A pink long sleeve top from H&M. Brown leggings from Zara. White scarf from H&M. My pink UGGS. && on my lips I'm wearing Revlon's lipbutter in Cotton Candy.


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