Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lip product Tuesday: NYC Big apple red

Hello Sweethearts,

Today is a Tuesday, which mean that I have a lip product Tuesday. This was suppose to be last weeks post. But I didn't feel like posting a post on my birthday, sorry.

This weeks Lip product Tuesday is NYC Applelicious glossy lip balm in the colour Big apple red.
 First things first; the packaging. The packaging is really simple.  To be honest I like it a lot since I can see the colour lip balm right through the packaging. Which prevents me from picking up the wrong colour.
The appliciation is also very easy. You don't need a lot to really balm in your lips. But you do have to build up the colour. The scent is also very nice, it really smells like apples.

Here is a swatch of the lip balm. I build up the colour since the not build up lipbalm is see through. I think it's quite a nice red.

&& here is the lip balm on my lips. I love how subtile the colour is, even after I build it up.
The lip balm is €2,79 && deff worth trying out!

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