Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lipproduct Tuesday: Revlon's Lipbutter in Cotton candy

Hello Sweethearts,

I finally bought Revlon's lipbutter in Cotton candy. I have been wanting this lipbutter for forever now. && Since I'm so happy I finally have it I decided to review it!

I absolutely love the packaging and the formula of the lipbutters by revlon.

I also love the colour of this lipbutter. I think you can actually say that it's a true Cotton candy colour.

&& here is a picture of me wearing the lipbutter.
I have been wearing this lipbutter a lot the past weeks. I love the colour && how it goes with everything. It's also very subtile so it goes perfect with every make up look & outfit.

For those who read my article about the L'oréal lipstick from the Rouge Caresse line in the colour Innocent pink. Here is a compaserment swatch. On the left Innocent pink && on the right Cotton candy. As you can see Cotton candy is a bit darker and has a warmer tone than Innocent pink. I'm not sure which one I like more.
What's your favorite Lipbutter?

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