Saturday, December 1, 2012

Review: Anatomicals farwell the scarlet pimplehell - Deep cleansing mud mask

Hello Sweethearts,

In my previous glossybox I received a mud facemask && I was dying to try it & write this review.

I have to confess I absolutely love the name of the mud mask, not sure why but it's so catchy.

The back of the packaging with the instructions.  It's a mud mask that you leave on your face for 10 -15 minutes and than rinse off. Your suppose to use it once or twice a week, but I only owned this one mask. So I'm reviewing the one time use.

My face before I used the mask. I have a really sensitive skin && get break outs from almost everything.

My face after I applied the face mask.
It felt very thick on the skin. On some points it even heated. I'm not sure if it felt really good or really weird.

My face after the mask was on for 15 minutes.

&& my face after I washed off the mask. My skin felt a lot better && most of the pimples disapered a few days after.
I'm very happy with the results of the facemask && I would deff want to use it more often.

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