Friday, January 11, 2013

Got my flash on it's true.

Hello Sweethearts,
Today's fashion post is an outfit I wore yesterday. It's kind of overwhelming and to much but it was a challange. The assignment was; come in your most shinniest outfit ever. So that basically what I did.

I got my glitter top, bag && socks from H&M. My sequins top is from Forever21. Leggings are from Sequins sweater is from Topshop. My wallet is from Urban outfitters.

I'm your biggest fan
I'll follow you until you love me
Baby there's no other superstar
You know that I'll be your-, Papa-Paparazzi

Promise I'll be kind
But I won't stop until that boy is mine
Baby you'll be famous
Chase you down until you love me, Papa-Paparazzi


  1. Ah lekker glitterig! En ik vind die Supertrash laarzen zo mooi :)

    1. haha dankje (:
      Ja de laarzen zijn echt fan-tastisch!!