Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lip product Tuesday: Revlon's lip butter in Candy apple

Hello Sweethearts,
As some of you may know, since I posted it on instagram, I got Candy apple from Revlon's colorburst Lip butter collection for christmas. && ofcourse I had to swatch & review it for you!

Like I said before in my other lip butter reviews, Cotton Candy & Peach Parfait , I absolutely love the packaging. It matches with the colour inside & looks very classy at the same time.

This swatch has a lot more colour than the other swatches, probably because the colour is kinda bright. I normally don't like bold lips but with the lip butter by revlon I can decide how bold I want my lips to be.
I'm absolutely in love with this colour. From the first time I swatched it, but because I was too shy for such a bright colour I didn't buy it. Even though I considered giving it as a gift.

As you can see I decide to not layer this lip butter up to much, so I get a subtile colour.
I really like the formula. It doesn't smell weird, it stays on for a decent amount of time & feels great on the lips.
To be honest this lip product kind of reminds me of the Essence Almost famous lipstick. The formula is almost the same. Just as the colour, the only differents is that Almost famous has more of a pink undertone & Candy apple a truely red one.
Another differents is the price, Revlon's lipbutters are around €10 while the Essence lipsticks are €1.99.
Let me know which one you prefer!
What's your favourite Revlon lip butter?


  1. I really like the color this gives when it's not fully layered - I should try that! Looks great! :)

  2. i really enjoy raspberry pie and lollipop!

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