Sunday, January 6, 2013

My ugly UGG story.

Hello Sweethearts,
Today a bit of a not so ordinary blog post because I'm going to talk about my UGGS.
Some people may not like them or think they're ugly. I thought so too until I got my own pair. I have had my pair of UGGS for a while now && I totally fell in love when I first saw them. They're so me.
I decided to go for real UGGs and not knockoffs because I knew I wanted to wear them for a really long time. && to be honest more expensive shoes are better quality, well that's what I thought.
I'm the kind of person who fells in love with one pair of shoes && wears them non stop for a few months, half year or even years. That's why I was disappointed when my UGGs busted.

Okay I know, because I've heard this a lot lately, it looks like my toe has done this. But actually my feet don't have the same size. My left foot is a whole size smaller than my right foot. && this hole in my UGG is on the left foot.

&& to be honest I never really did anything weird with my UGGs. I actually took good care of them. I bought one of those expensive UGG cleaning sets. && I cleaned them everytime I wore them for a half year. At one point I stopped cleaning them so often because the pink only got darker from the whole cleaning part than from actual dirt.

I now only wear my UGGs inside & sometimes outside with socks, because otherwise my toe gets cold.

The whole point of this blog post was to share my dissapointment, because I honestly never expected this.
&& if you saw my previous fashion posts & was wondering what the black thing on my UGG was, well now you know.

I don't want to say that you shouldn't buy UGGs anymore, because they're still very good shoes, but if you want them for the long run you can better spend your money on something else.
Or save the receipt & don't buy it in another town. I got mine in a store in Manchester & I already know that I won't be visiting that town anytime soon.

Do you own any UGGs?
What's you UGG story?

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