Thursday, January 3, 2013

The last outfit of 2012.

Hello Sweethearts,
Today I'm sharing the pictures of the outfit I wore on new years eve.
These pictures are a little different than normal. One, I didn't have my own camera with me so I borrowed my dads. Two, I'm trying out a new way of placing pictures on my blog. Three, I'm not used to working together && someone else shoot the pictures.

Anywayz here is my outfit:


I'm wearing a long sleeve black H&M top. Sequins suspenders. A sequins scarf as hair piece by Pieces. Red high waisted jeans by Pieces. Boots by Super trash. On my nails I'm wearing bahama mama by Essie.

What did you wear on new year's eve?


  1. Gorgeous outfit, very glitzy :)

    I'd love a pair of high waist jeans, especially in that colour!

    Hope you had a great New Years Eve!

    Laura x

  2. Thank you !
    you should get one, I got mine 50% off!