Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weekly fashion picks. #1

Hello Sweethearts,
As some of you may know I recently bought a clothing rack. On this rack I hang some pieces I''m planning on wearing somewhere that week.

Last Monday when I was hanging up some of the pieces I thought; 'this may be interesting for a post' && that's when I dediced to write this article.
I was actually planning on posting this on Monday but due to exams I forgot all about it.

The first piece is my sequins legging by Asos. I wanted to wear a little bit more glitter than I have been lately.

The second piece is my floral legging also by Asos. I just love flowers && with the snow & all I felt like this was the perfect way to bring back the summer feeling.

The third piece is a new long sleeves top I got from H&M. All I can say is, wait for a fab post with this top, hihi.

The fourth pieces, yes pieces, are my black blazer from H&M en my new oxblood red scarf also from H&M.

The fifth piece is a lace top from H&M that I got a while ago. I like this top alot && I felt that I wasn't wearing it enough. So that's why I decided to wear it somewhere this week.

The sixth piece is my long sleeve top from River Island. I just love long sleeve tops lately && this one is soo comfie, easy to combinate && stylish.

The seventh piece is my Philip defranco shirt. I wore it yesterday & I got a few compliments on it.

&& last but not least the eight piece is a glitter cardigan. I wasn't planning on wearing it but I felt like the glitter glammed up my room. So it's more for decoration, hihi.

Let me know if you like this kind of posts
Maybe I will post more

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