Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lip product Tuesday: Essence Matt lip cream in Silky red & Velvet rose

Hello Sweethearts,

Today I'm going to review the new Essence matt lip creams in the colours Silky red & Velvet rose. I had actually planned this review for over two weeks. But after one time use I decided that I needed to share this with the world. Yes, they're that good!

This first matt lip cream that I owned is in Silky red, I also wear it with my moulin rouge look. This matt lip cream is very pigmented, easy to apply && 24 hours long lasting. YES literally 24 hours! I applied it before I went to a party && when I came home I was to lazy to remove my make up. && when I woke up the next morning it was still on my lips. It also didn't leave any marks.

This lip colour is a little on the bold side, but I toned it down with some red lipgloss & lipbutter.
The matt lip cream is a little out drying though. My lips are still a little dry from the last time I wore this lip cream, which is like 3 days ago.

After I discovered how long wearing the Silky red lip cream was I decided to go back to the store and also buy Velvet rose. This is more of an old light pink lip cream.
[ Even though it doesn't really show up on camera. I don't know what was wrong with my camera but for some reason it had a lot of trouble photographing this colour.]


Sadly this colour does show the dryness of my lips, but I think this lip cream would be perfect underneed any pink lipgloss. It's the perfect pink base.
I did find this lip cream a little bit on the nude side, I expected it to be more pink than it eventually was but maybe my skintone is just to light for this colour.

The lip creams were each €1,95. Which I so CHEAP! for the quality.

They're deff a recommondation, since the colours are beautiful, they're long wear && cheap. But I wouldn't use these if you have extremely dry lips.

Have you already tried any of the items from Essence new line?


  1. Both colours are really pretty and work well with your skin tone. My fave is the second more neutral one :)

  2. Ziet er goed uit :D Rode kleur vind ik erg mooi

  3. I really like that second colour, it's perfect for the day time.

  4. They're both so gorgeous, the perfect lip colors to use to transition your makeup from day to night. It's just a pity they dry your lips out though.

    1. I totally agree maybe essence could change the formula (:

  5. I love matte lipcreams- I've been loving the Rimmel apocalips- which are a bit more than these but still quite reasonable :)
    Daniella x