Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review: Nail rock caviar in Venus.

Hello Sweethearts,

A few weeks ago I received the Nail rock caviar manicure in Venus. It was sent to me by my sister.I have been eyeing the caviar manicure for a very long time now. [Just like the velvet manicure.] I always decided to not try it out since it wasn't long wear.
But after I received this nail polish && caviar I kind of became very curious. I couldn't wait for a special occasion to try it out. [Yeah I call these kind of manicures 'special occasion manicure' ]

The packaging is soooo cute && colourfull!

&& the instruction with pictures are also very easy to follow.

The gold base nail polish itself is also very gorgeous. It's subtile gold with sparkles, I would easily wear it on its own.

For the try out I just polished one nail since it's not long wear && it would be a waste to polish all the nails.

The caviar is mostly gold, dark pink, christmas tree green && orange. I love the colour combination it's so cute.

I couldn't get the whole nail with caviar && it takes a pretty long time to dry. I lost the half of the caviar on my nails after 3 hours because I bumped into a towel. The colour of the caviar also got into my nail polish for some reason.
To be very honestly, I like the caviar manicure a lot, but I would only wear it to very special occasions when I don't have to do a lot so I won't lose the half before the day is over.
I would never wear this on a regular basis or day. It takes to much time, for a great result, that's gone in a few hours.
I'm more the type of person who wears a nail polish for several days.

However I do have to say that I want to use the caviar in other kinds of nail art. So be on the look out for some nail art posts with caviar in them.

Have you ever tried the caviar manicure ?
what are your experiences with this manicure??

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  1. Super leuk ! Ik heb ze zelf in het roze, maar de gekleurde vind ik ook super mooi <3 xox