Friday, February 22, 2013

Tutorial: Perfect red lip

Hello Sweethearts,
For today I prepared a lip tutorial, ha that's different from those Lip product Tuesdays I always upload on a Tuesday!

The lip products I used in this tutorial are the Matt lip cream in Silky red by Essence, Russian red by MAC & the Twilight saga breaking dawn part 2 lipgloss in Renesmee red by Essence.

I first applied The Silky red as a red base, since it's so pigmented, bold and super long lasting.
Than as second layer I applied Russian Red because of this lipgloss's under tone & kind of shine.
&& than as third layer I applied Renesmee red for a little bit of sparkle.

kiss-proof guarantee,


  1. The overall effect you've created is gorgeous! Very colourful and glossy!

    I really wanted to try some of the Twilight products but never got round to buying them lol.

    Laura xx

    1. Thankyou <3
      haha I only found the lipgloss interesting from the twilight collection ;]