Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lip product Tuesday: Essence gel tint in Deep red

Hello Sweethearts,

This week I'm going to review the Gel tint by Essence in Deep red.
 At first sight I was like, No I'm never ever going to try this, what the crap is gel tint on lips. I also didn't like the packaging that much. But than I ran out of lip products to review && was like let's give this a try.
&& when I removed the carton packaging I was like, this looks a lot more classy than I expected. This could be a really good product. - Yeah I got very curious-

Essence claims:

jelly lips! the innovative water-based, jelly formula lightly tints your lips for hours. the specially shaped applicator with a double-ended color reservoir ensures an easy and accurate application. intensive, long-lasting colors in red, reddish-brown, pink and apricot attract attention to your lips! available in a total of four colors.

My first thoughts when I tried this lip product:
"Yeah for the sponge tip applicator, makes it so much easier to apply. Hm...this is fruity, smells like some sort of lemonade. Feels like syrup on my lips. Hm... tastes like lemonade."

Haha Yeah I can't stop licking my lips when I wear this lip product, not sure if it's a good thing.
But when I didn't lick my lips I noticed that this lip product 'dries' at a certain point and doesn't feel as if you put syrup on your lips && the colour stays and gets a little darker than just applied.
The colour itself is gorgeous, not to shinny not to matt, just gorgeous.

I do agree with Essence claim that the applicator makes it easier to apply && that the colour is pigmented. I'm not sure if it stays on for hours since  it's to tempting and tasty for me.
The time I did try not to lick my lips it stayed on for a good 2 hours.

what are your thoughts on Essence gel tint?

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