Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lip product Tuesday: NYC Smooch proof Lipstain 16h

Hello Sweethearts,

Last week I ran out of lip products to review, I was shocked thought that day would never come. But this week I have another new lip product to review!
To be precise the NYC Smooch proof Lipstain 16H in the colour Persistent Pink.

The packaging of this lip product kind a look like a maker which isn't really appealing if you ask me.

The lipstain itself has a gorgeous light pink colour. The lipstain is easy to apply, doesn't feel weird on the lips and smells like lemonade.
It also stays on perfectly for a few hours, I can't say that it stays on for 16h since I never wore it that long.

The NYC lipstain was €3.99.

Have you ever tried lipproducts fron NYC?
What are your thoughts?

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