Saturday, March 9, 2013

Review: Essence frame4fame glamour lashes

Hello Sweethearts,
Today I'm going to review the Essence Frame 4 fame in Glamour Lashes
To be honest I normally don't wear fake eyelashes but for this occasion I wanted to make an exception.
One plus point so far is that these lashes look fabulous but aren't that expensive at all!

To be very honest I at first didn't want to think about trying out these lashes because of the packaging. It looks tacky and cheap from a desistance.  [Also up close but than you can see the actually lashes and those look a lot better!]

Essence claim on there website:
Whether you go for the special effect lashes for dramatic volume, the silver eyeliner effect for a glamorous look or individual short and medium length lashes for a natural effect - any look is possible! the false fame lashes are comfortable to wear and have reliable staying power.
My eyes without the fake lashes. I do wear two or three layers of mascara, not much.
This a picture of the lashes with the glue applied. I was kind of surprised that it turned blue as soon as I applied it.
Luckily the glue dried quick enough, on the packaging it says wait for 30 seconds before applying to your eyes, but it was dry enough after 15 seconds. Also the only other lashes I ever used needed more than 30 seconds to dry.
I'm so inpatient!
&& my eyes with the fake lashes on. Be aware that I have only applied fake lashes once before so it's not perfect. However they were easy to apply. Stayed on all night long, I went to an insane party && afraid to lose them. && looked fabulous, I got a lot of compliments because of the glitter line.
The lashes also really natural to wear, it didn't feel like I was wearing fake lashes at all, && they didn't irritate my eyes.
So Essence made true what they claimed on there website.
I'm going to try to re use them again, since they were easy to remove.

Overall I'm very positive about these fake lashes && especially since there only €2.59 !!! I'm also going to try there other lashes.
 What's your favourite fake eyelash brand?
Have you ever tried these fake lashes?

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