Sunday, March 24, 2013

Unboxing the Glossybox of March.

Hello Sweethearts,
Today I"m going to unboxing the Glossybox of March. To be honest this was a very nice surprise because I didn't expect a Easter box at all! The theme was Bio-tiful!

Source: Julia on Pinterest

Source: Julia on Pinterest

Source: Julia on Pinterest

Source: Julia on Pinterest

Source: Julia on Pinterest

Doesn't it look totally adorable??!?!?!?!

The first item is the Lemony flutter by Lush, a cuticle cream. This product is one of the most sold products by Lush. && contains avocado, linseed oil, beeswax and a hint of lemon.
[€10.65 - 45 gram]

The second item is the Shea body butter by the Body shop. This body cream is particularly suitable for dry skin, which is exactly what I need right now!
[€6.00 - 50 mL]

The third item is Summer care day cream by Ginkel's. This day cream with vegetable quadruple effect, protects against the sun, moisturizes the skin, goes against aging and ensures a healthy complexion.
[ €14.95 - 50 mL ]

The fourth item is the Shimmer eye shadow by Da Vinci cosmetics in the colour champagne.  This mineral eye shadow can also be used as highlighter && be mixed foundation or lipgloss to create a shinning look.
[ €14.00 - fullsize ]

The fifth item is the Botanics velvet cream wash by Ahava. The natural ingredients lotus and chestnut in the SLS-free cream body wash, nourish the skin and provide a soothing sensation.
[ €20.95 - 500 mL ]

&& the sixth and extra item is the tea by Forté. This is the favourite brand of Oprah when it comes to tea.
[ €6.50 / 16 bags. ]

What did you get in your Glossybox?
Is it just as exciting as my Glossybox?

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  1. This looks like such a lovely box :) xx