Monday, April 22, 2013

Infinity bracelet & ring.

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to share two bargains I found on Ebay.
So I personally really love the infinity sign and have been eyeing a lot of infinity jewellery for a while now. But most of the infinity jewellery is quite expensive && I could never have imagined that there would be a place on the world wide web where I could buy good quality infinity jewellery for a bargain price until now.
I was just looking around on Ebay when I found these two beauties;

An infinity bracelet and ring for only $1.99 each, with free shipping! [That's €1.53!!!]

From a distance the bracelet doesn't look cheap at all. Even up close it still looks very good, expect for the inside of the infinity sign that looks kind of cheap. The chain itself is quite big so this would be wearable for almost everyone, not only people with small wrists.
If I didn't know the price I would say it costs at least €5 or more, so that's a compliment. Further it looks it going to be wearable for at least 20 times.
So overall it's more than worth the money && it's deff going to be a statement pieces of this summer.
Click here to go to the ebay seller && click here to go to the bracelet.

The ring is a little different from the bracelet because it doesn't look cheap at all. No flaws or anything, good material && I'm pretty sure you could wear this forever unless the paint wears off. If I didn't know the price I would say this one costs €10. I'm actually thinking about ordering some more rings in different colours.
Click here to go to the Ebay seller && click here to go to the ring.

What do you think of the infinity bracelet & ring?
What's your favourite bargain from Ebay so far?


  1. They are really pretty. I love the bracelet.

  2. LOVE jewellery with the infinity symbol! So pretty :0 x ♥

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