Friday, April 12, 2013

Review: Essence Kajal pencil ~ Teddy.

Hello Sweethearts,

Today I'm going to review the Kajal pencil in the colour Teddy by Essence. I own this eye pencil for over a month now & wasn't sure if I wanted to review it. Not because it's not good but because I don't know how to review this. So I decided to just write down what my exact thoughts are && how I use this eye pencil.

My thoughts:
I bought this eye pencil because I wanted a dark brown eye pencil to darkener my crease with an undertone colour.
So I don't use this eye pencil as an eyeliner but as a crease colour. For which this eye pencil is perfect because  it actually blends very well. && is a long wear, I can really tell because sometimes my crease would fade by the end of the day but ever since I started to use this eye pencil it stays in place all day.

I also get why they called this colour Teddy, it's the right kind of Teddy bear brown.

What's also very nice about this eye pencil is that if you find the colour too dark you can make it lighter by using a sponge tip applicator.

Essence claims:
Kajal pencil for high precision application. Long lasting.

I agree, when this eye pencil is used as a crease colour. I can't say for sure that it will also be long lasting when used as actual eye liner.

The Kajal pencils are €0.99 each, which is really cheap!

As you can see is this not really my usual eyeliner/eye pencil review. But I hope this was still helpful for the ones interested in this pencil.

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