Saturday, April 6, 2013

Topshop holographic nail polish in Moondance

Hello Sweethearts,

As some of you may know I went to Bristol last weekend && of course I bought a few Topshop nail polishes. One of them is this gorgeous holographic nail polish in Moondance. && today I'm going to share the swatches.

This nail polish is a gorgeous true holographic nail polish, as you can see on the pictures. I was so amazed by it. I would have also loved the nail polish if it wasn't holographic since the colour is such a nice light, sea, blue.
I almost went nuts, this is truly worth every penny!

The nail polish itself does chip after a day, but that may be my fault because you have to wear a base and top coat with it. Upside, the nail polish dries quick and only needs two coats.

I bought this nail polish in a two for eight pound deal. By itself it's six pounds.

Are you just as in love as me with the new Topshop holographic nail polishes?
What's you favourite holographic nail polish brand?


  1. I purchased one today, the pink one in wistful and it is beautiful!! I already want to go and get another shade :)

    This one looks gorgeous.

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. Me too!
      Could you swatch that nail polish? It was sold out when I went to topshop =0

    2. No I just bought it on a whim, hate to appear as if I'm plugging my blog but I literally just reviewed it today so you could see it on the nails there :)

      It looks the same as the bottle in my opinion :)

      Amy xx
      A Little Boat Sailing

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