Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lip product Tuesday: Essence lipliner 07 Cute pink

Hello Sweethearts,

another Lip product Tuesday && today I'm going to review the is a Lipliner by Essence in the colour 07 Cute pink.

I decided to buy this lip liner because I was very enthusiastic about another lip liner I own by Essence,  Femme Fatale. && I felt like I really needed a light pink lip liner, since I wear a lot of pink lip products.

&& again had Essence surprised me with a wonderful product for a low price, for only €0.99.
This lipliner is easy to apply, stays on for a really long time && doesn't dry out your lips. This soft light almost Barbie pink lip liner is an asset for every make up collection.

Have you ever tried an Essence lipliner?
What are your thoughts?
What's your recommendation?

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