Friday, July 26, 2013

DIY The carrie diaries bag

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to show you how I DIY the carrie diaries inspired bag!

This is how my bag looks like. I'm going to take you through it step for step.

I started of with a basic, not to expensive, black bag. Mine is from Mango && I got it on sale 50% off.

Then I collection the nail polish colours that would fit my everyday wear && mood. I still wanted to make it kind of similar to Carrie's bag so that also influenced my colour choice.
I know these nail polish aren't cheap but I really wanted to use these colours.

Names && brands of the nail polish from left to right: Essie Mezmerised,OPI My boyfriend scales walls, Essie Sew psyched, Essie Bahama mama, Essie Peach dairquiri, Essie Mint candy apple && Topshop Daydream.

I covered everything with paper that I didn't want to give nail polish stripes or stains.

&& then I just splattered && swiped my nail polish brushes above the bag to give it that splattered && striped look. I used some toilet paper to give it that stained look.

I first waited for the nail polish to dry && then I used Topshop Daydream && a cheap brush to write my name on the bag. I let my finished bag dry for a night && o voila, my own Carrie diaries bag!

If you recreated your own bag
anything else from The Carrie diaries
than please please please
send me your pictures, videos or anything
because I'm sooo obsessed &&
I would love to see it!


  1. Hi, I also made a Carrie-based DIY, it's for a mobile phone case! Here's my blog entry:

    Lots love,
    Julia Donnarie