Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Essence new product haul. ( fall/winter 2013 )

Hello Sweethearts,

today I went to the store because I needed make up remover and brow gel from Essence. && I walked out of the store with NINE new lip products from the new Essence collection. The Essence website claims that these products are available begin September but lucky me already got them!

I got the new Essence long lasting lipsticks, one of the glow tinted lip balm && Glossy lip balm. The glow tinted lip balm I got in the colour Light up!  && The Glossy lipbalm I got in mint drop, which actually smells like mint.

From the long lasting lipstick I got the colours: Coral calling, Dare to wear, On the catwalk, Natural beauty, Colour crush, Wear barriers && Cotton candy. The only colour that was sold out && I also really wanted was All you need is red.
These lipsticks are €2,39 each.
Click here to see the swatches and read the review.

Let me know in the comments below
which lipproduct you want me to review/swatch first!


  1. Those are nice colors. If the products last well then they will be worth the price. I have never used this particular brand so I don't know how long the lip gloss stays for. however, the shades that they are available in make me willing to try them if I ever get the opportunity. Thank you.