Monday, August 12, 2013

Wall decorations

Hello Sweethearts,

as some of you may have seen I got a new make-up dresser && wall decorations. So since I arranged these wall decorations myself I thought that it would be fun to share and give some tips and tricks for a 'DIY'.

First thing I did was going to same random stores and score some frames on sale.
The centre piece is from Ikea, I got it this way for 14.99. The pink one under need is the lid from my  Juicy Couture perfume box.

Above the Juicy couture box I got a picture of Barbie as Chanel, click here to go the original picture.
The picture on the left with the white frame also is one of Barbie && the one under that picture to. These are made by Mariel Clayton, I'm kind of a fan of hers, I absolutely love her Barbie art it's super amazing! Click here to see the one in the white frame from close up && click here to see the other one.

I can't remember how I got this ide but it went pretty much this way;
I wanted to hang my juicy couture lid up for a while now because it's so pretty && rally fits with my room. But I never got around to do hang it up.
&& than a few weeks back I was causally walking around Ikea and I show the perfect square decoration pieces & since I wanted one from the collection for a while now I just got it.
That was pretty much the moment I was like lets go crazy and make that my centre pieces and buy more and put it all together. Nothing more and nothing less. && I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

What are your thoughts?
Do you like it?
or is it not your thing?

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