Saturday, September 28, 2013

Essie: We're in it together, Off the shoulder, Peach daiquiri && In stitches.

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to show you a few swatches from Essie nail polishes. Since it has been a while that I updated the swatches of nail polishes in my collection I decided I'm going to swatch them in groups. Today I'm swatching all my 'new' pink toned Essie nail polishes. [ upcoming, red toned && the rest of my 'new' Essie nail polishes.]
So if you were waiting for me to swatch some of the nail polishes I showed in hauls than your in luck because here is the first part!

So some of the nail polishes that I'm swatching and sharing in the upcoming weeks are really hard to swatch. I have tried it a few times before with some of these colours but for some reason the just end up looking different on photo than in real life.
I decided to just describe the colours but still show the swatches. && yes those fore nail polishes are REALLY pink toned, don't get fooled by how they show up on photo.

We're in it together.
This nail polish is from the breast cancer awareness collection, if I'm correct. It's no longer available in their collection online, I found it here
It's basically a light, almost sheer, baby pink with hints of glitters. This nail polish does need three coats to be opaque. The nail polish is somewhat lighter than on the picture,  but not a lot lighter. 

Off the shoulder.
I can't tell you why this nail polish looks so so red on the picture, this is more how Peach daiquiri looks in real life. In real life I would describe it as a Barbie pink, a not to hot but still a Barbie pink.
This is a great summer nail polish that only needs one coat to be opaque.

Essie: "Go over the top and off the hook. seductive manicures begin with this bold hot pink nail lacquer that reveals only so much."

Peach daiquiri.
Is an amazingly gorgeous peach colour. This is what I wore on my nails the whole summer long. It's so perfect for the summer. I would describe this colour as a pink nail polish with a red undertone, which makes it perfect to wear with red or pink outfits.

Essie: "Bursting with color, this peachy mouthwatering cocktail of a polish is just so refreshing. both fruity-sweet and powerful, it will knock your socks off with fashion flavour. (corals)"

In stitches.
I just got this nail polish a week ago, but I'm already in love with it. It kind of reminds me of Peach daiquiri but than more of a fall version of this polish. Because In stitches is more of a nude polish with a pink undertone. I know it looks brown on the picture but in real life it's more of a darkish old pink.

Essie: "Cheeky, blush pink polish knows just how to work it. this elegantly tailored nail lacquer moves seamlessly from day to night and has the neutral nail look all sewn up."

What's your favourite pink Essie nail polish?

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