Thursday, October 31, 2013

Best eBay buys ~ October

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to share the best stuff I bought on eBay in October. I thought this would be nice to share since eBay can be so cheap for lovely stuff or just a miss buy for not much.

The first item I'm super happy with are these round floral themed sunglasses. They're so so so fabulous. I just can't express how happy I'm that I got those. The only down side is that these glasses don't have an uv-filter.
I got these for $3.96, click here to go to the item on eBay.

The other two items I'm really happy with are these necklaces. The one is a Barbie sparkly glitter necklace. && the other one is a Batman logo metallic necklace.
The Barbie necklace is $7.49 && the batman necklace is $2.25 , click here for the Barbie necklace && here for the Batman necklace.

The last item is the three set infinity above the knuckle ring. I got this set for $0.99 but I can't find the seller of the item on eBay anymore. They do have a wide range of above the knuckle rings for really cheap though.

What's your favourite eBay buy of October?

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