Sunday, October 20, 2013

Eyes Lips Face haul

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to share, in a video, what I ordered from ELF. I ordered it last Sunday and it arrived on Wednesday.

Shimmering facial whip  in Persimmon && Golden peach, €1. Fake eyelashes dramatic, €1. Lipstick in posh, €1. Liquid eyeliner in black, €1. Lip brush, €1. Mineral lipstick in Nicely nude, €5. Contouring blush & bronzing cream in St Lucia, €4.

I actually never ordered anything from ELF because the products are cheap in the USA but in Europe it's different. To begin with the prices aren't the same one dollar value is not the same value as one euro or one pound, which makes it a bit more expensive than in the USA. The shipping isn't cheap as well, 6/7 euros for shipping is a bit to much if you ask me. It would be nicer if it was also available in the stores.
&& the collection in Europe is also a lot smaller than the one in the USA. For example I really wanted to try the HD blush but it's only available on the .com website.
If they would change that all, I will reconsider shopping at ELF again. I do have to admit that they changed a lot since I last ordered, somewhere  in 2010. So I'm positive that I will ordered again in the near future.
What's your favourite Eyes Lips Face product?

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