Saturday, October 12, 2013

Review: Essence STAYS no matter what jumbo eye pencil & shadow.

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to review the STAYS no matter what jumbo eye pencil & shadow by Esssence in the colours 07 Whipped white frosting and 08 Chocolate brownie.

At first I was very enthusiastic about these new jumbo eye pencils and shadows, I had heard/read a lot of good reviews about these. Especially when they compared it with the Urban decay jumbo pencils.
The whole eye pencil and shadow in one made it complete, I had to have them.
I bought them as soon as I spotted them in the store. & swatched them on my hand on my way home to start the test. The result was that they actually stayed not matter what, accept for showers. So far so good!

But then I applied them on my eye lids, without and with primer/base/concealer, it just wasn't pigmented at all. Which is weird to me since they're pretty pigmented on the swatch of my photo. I think it's just that my eyelids are way to oil for these jumbo eye pencil shadows or something. I just don't get it.
That's why it took me so long to post this review. Eventually I was like: "NO, I need to just be honest && share this. For all you know those other bloggers aren't telling the truth since I never saw a photo of them wearing the pencils/shadows on there eyes. Or maybe there other girls out there with the same problem as I have, wondering what's wrong."
So here it is, raw and honest, my opinion.

If you have the same problem or any tips for me just let me know! && if you want to try them yourself they're only €2.59 each, so it's not really a loss.


  1. Here's some great eye make ups using the pens: Scroll all the way down to "Look 3", the fun starts there. :)

  2. I had the same problem... it's not creamy on my eyelids at all...