Sunday, November 3, 2013

Essie: Full steam ahead, Turquoise & caicos and Bikini so teeny.

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to share the last swatches of my new Essie polishes, click here to read the first and the second posts with the swatches of my newest Essie polishes.
For some reason I feel like I keep struggling with getting the polishes true colours on photo, looking back at the first and second photo's it's not that bad at all. I'm not sure about these swatches though, but maybe I'm just to critical.
Anyway I here are the polishes and the swatches:

From left to right: Full steam ahead, Turquoise and caicos && Bikini so teeny.

All these polishes are more pastel colours that's why I decided to swatch these together.

Full steam ahead:
Essie: "take the helm and embark on a fantastic voyage. this medium toned lilac nail polish with a pearlescent punch steers you in style."
Me: "I absolutely love colours that remind me of my favourite flower, lavender. This gorgeous light purple with small sparkles needs three layers to be opaque but dries very very quick."

 Turquoise & caicos:
Essie: "frolic in the sublime waters of this flirty polish. vibrant, tropical aqua nail color refreshes mind, body and fashion wardrobe."
Me: "This gorgeus colour reminds me of a perfect tiffany blue. It's actually a must for every girl to have a colour like this in her nail polish collection. The polish does need more than one layer to be opaque but it's deff worth it."

Bikini so teeny:
Essie: "daring meets darling in pretty yet provocative cornflower blue. this sparkling nail polish bares it all with a wink and a smile and no strings attached."
Me: "This nail polish was one of every ones favourite a few summers back, I didn't follow the hype because I didn't really feel it. Than this summer I spotted this nail polish for only two pounds I gave it a try. I'm not sure yet, it's a beautiful colour and the sparkles are nice and all but it wasn't the colour for me this summer. Maybe I will love it next summer."

What's your favourite Essie nail polish?

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