Sunday, November 24, 2013

H&M haul ; November 2013

Hello Sweethearts,

today's post is going to be a H&M haul because I went shopping yesterday && I thought it would be nice to share my new clothing.

The first item is this bright pink tank top, I own a lot of these kind of tops because they're so basic and nice under everything. I always wear this kind of tops under need my outfit. && I thought it would be nice to spice it up a little so I went for a really bold colour. The top is €4.95.

The second item is a H&M lipstick in the colour Darling pink. I thought I would try out one of the H&M lipsticks since they always look so nice in the store && I felt that this was the right colour to go with. I'm going to review this lipstick in my Tuesday post. The lipstick is €4.95.

The third item is this super nice plaid scarf, it actually reminds me of a Burberry patron. At first I didn't really know if I wanted it. So I waited a few weeks and than decided to go for it. Looking back I'm really glad I waited a few weeks because Saturday the scarf was on sale! I got it for €10 instead of €14.95.

The fourth item is the Tights with a leopard pattern. Ever since I saw this pair of tights in the H&M magazine I fell in love. I actually stalked the H&M shops near me to get my hands around these pair. It took me quite a while the realize it was an online sold only item. But as soon as I figured that out I ordered them online. I'm so so happy with them, the tights look even better in person! The tights are €7.95.

Item five is the same item as item one. It's kind of a turquoise colour and I'm really into turquoise lately, as some of you may already have noticed.

The fifth and last item of this H&M haul is this gorgeous flower kimono. I saw it on the mannequin && I could just see myself wear it and how I would style it and how amazing it would look on me. So basically I wanted it so I got it. The kimono is €19.95.

&& this shopping spree was extra fun because I had a spend over €25 get €5 off coupon with me. I also had a coupon code for the tights I bought online. I don't know but something about saving money while spending it makes it so much more fun! 

Let me know if you got anything good at H&M lately!

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