Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lip product Tuesday: Primark Moisturising Lip gloss crayons.

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to review two lip products instead of one, well actually two colours instead of one. I was really curious when I found these in Primark && of course I had tot try them out!

Lip crayons are really hot this moment in lip product land, I didn't mind at all that Primark followed this hype. The actually looks really good if you ask me, it looks more like my Clinique crayon than the Essence crayons.
Only downside, if you ask me, is that they don't have colour names. To me this is really important because it makes it easier to share what your wearing on your lips.

The light pink lip gloss crayon is more of a princess colour, it's not really pigmented but very shimmery. Every time I wear it I find shimmers from this gloss days after I already removed it. I would actually recommend these more of little girls than 20 year old women.

The dark pink is actually a really nice gloss. It's really pigmented, not to shimmery and just really nice on the lips.

The overall formula of these gloss crayons are very glossy, they feel like lip balms on the lips && they smell amazing!

I would just give these a try since they're only €2 each. It's not much and it's not a waist either since they're pretty nice.

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