Saturday, December 14, 2013

Haul: H&M, Sammy dress, Essence.

Hello Sweethearts,

I have gone on a shopping spree, which means haul time!

First things first, H&M had a huge sale which means I had to made me go insane. I could contain myself a little though.

This black tank top was €4.95, it wasn't on sale but I just needed one.

This lace sweater use to be €29.95 but I got it for €10, which means it was €19.95 off.

This Jersey fancy top use to be €14.95 but I got it for €5.

And the last sweater use to be €19.95 but I got it for €10.

I also needed some hair clips so I went to the drugstore when I spotted the new Metal glam limited edition by Essence.
The hair clips are €2.50
The lipglosses in the colours Glam-me , Petal to the metal & Best dressed and are €1.99 each.
The Metal glam blush also in the colour Glam-me is € 2.89. (reviews and swatches of this collection will be up on my blog later.)

&& Last but not least my packaging from Sammy Dress arrived with the following dresses.

I can't remember the prices but I can tell you it was really cheap together it was around €23 with shipping. I absolutely love these dresses && I'm probably going to show them soon in a fashion post.

What did you buy?

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