Saturday, December 21, 2013

kosmetik4less haul: Essence Happy holidays & Dark romance.

Hello Sweethearts,

a few nights back I was sitting at home & decided to check if Essence is sold online. [especially since says they don't support it since it wouldn't been as cheap as in the stores]
That's how I stumbled upon kosmetik4less a website who not only sales the cheaper cosmetics brands but also Essence and their limited trend editions lines.
&& since I really wanted the Happy holidays & dark romance collections I decided to order them!
- The trend editions aren't the same in every country, we have the metal glam collection and Germany has the Happy holidays collection. -

Even though I didn't speak nor read a word of German I still managed to order on the website. They ship world wide which is a big thumbs up if you ask me.
&& your package arrives in less than a week. Which was a bit of a surprise to me since it was really late when I ordered & I completely had forgotten that I ordered it, haha.

I ordered the Dark romance lipsticks in 01 Red romance && 02 Painted love. These lipsticks are pretty much the same as from the regular collection but totally different colours. That's why I really needed them, because I love the formula of the lipsticks and they aren't expensive at all.
& I got from the Happy holidays collection the tinted lip balms in 01 run, run Rudolph and 02 sugar plum fairy.
I'm going to review the Happy holidays lip balms after Christmas, I'm also going to review the glow tinted lip balm in 01 light up!.

&& I'm not sure if I'm still going to review the Dark romance lipsticks since the collection is no longer available, as far as I'm aware. [ Let me know if you really want me to review the lipsticks.]


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