Friday, December 6, 2013

Nails: Angelica nail polish rubber effect.

Hello Sweethearts,

today I'm going to review the Angelica nail polish with rubber effect in the colour black.
I have been looking at this brand for a while now, it's sold at Primark. && something about it made me want to try it out. Especially when I saw the whole rubber effect, it made me super curious.
Keep on reading for my opinion and swatches of this interesting polish.

Angelica on this product:
" It's not gloss - It's not matte - It's Rubber
Our new rubber effect nail polish dries with a super latex rubbery look, right on trend for AW13
Always apply over our Matte Base Coat, and there is no need to use a Top Coat with this polish as it will ruin the effect."

My opinion:
" Interesting polish, easy to apply. I used two coat but it's already opaque in one coat. The polish also dries really quick.
I didn't use a top coat nor base coat. The polish chipped on my right hand within a day, the left hand is however still perfectly polished. [I'm right handed]

The polish effect is however really interesting since it's not really matte and not really glossy. If you want something new than I would advice you to give it a try!"

The nail polish is €2.75 and available at Primark.
What's your opinion on Angelica?
Which polish of their collection would you advice me to try?

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