Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fashion Week Amsterdam ; Jef Montes 24 january 2014

Hello Sweethearts,

last night I went to my first fashion show ever. I didn't know what to expect. && this early morning I'm already writing about my first fashion show experience ever.
I decided to write about everything and the step for step what was happening. I did take some photo's with my mobile phone, I decided not to bring my SLR.

So first of all I got the tickets on my 21st birthday from my amazing friends, I took one of them with me to the fashion show.

I was really nervous for the fashion show because I honestly didn't know what to expect. && also I was afraid I would get lost on the way there.
We thought we would be too late and lost but we managed to find it anyway. My friend was on heels but she is a pretty good runner with heels so we ended up not missing our bus or train. ( I told her she should participate the stiletto run, haha)

Okay so when we finally arrived it was pretty busy at the front desks and outside.

Tadaa, the first photo taken (not really) outside. We were still pretty nervous and afraid we would be too late or not be able to get in, since the ticket was this printed email.
But going inside went pretty smooth. Not for everyone around use, some people thought they had tickets for the show but it was for the after party.

Inside we entered this big room with different bars and art on the wall and lots of people socialising. I didn't know anyone there & the people who I knew that could possible be by the show weren't there.
We walked around the room && than decided to go to the catwalk.

I was impressed by how good our seats were and by how big the room was and how exclusive. So many people trying to get in but not that many managed to watch the show.

The show started when the room got dark. I tried to take some pictures but as you can see my camera didn't really pick up the outfits. Luckily a lot of people were filming and taking photo's so I managed to find back the show I watch online.

It's totally different to watch it back on this video, the music and everything around it made it an experience itself. I can't describe how amazing it was to see it live. But the video gives a pretty good idea of the outfits.
I totally love what Jef Montes created, it's totally me. It's super white, with some colour accent & some sparkles!
I don't know why but I'm more into wearing a lot of white lately with some dark blue or black undertone. && this show totally fitted my taste. I'm just in love with Jef Montes and his creations. I love how he gave me the idea that white IS the new black. I'm definitely going on the look out for some amazingly gorgeous white leggings or panties. I just need to have a(n extra) pair in my collection, especially after this show!
After the show my friend and I got ourselves some drinks. We first went for the house wine which was delicious.
&& than we decided to try something new so we went for the drink in the picture.  It was some kind of cold drink which taste like lemon with vodka.
An hour or so after the show it was getting pretty empty. Before it was soo busy that the room in the picture was filled up with people.
So my friend and I also decided to go home and with home I mean get a starbucks drink and miss our train.
The whole night was AMAZING and an experience itself. I would definitely go to another fashion show anytime soon, like the one in July. (but I'm not sure if it's going to be possible)
I'm also going to post a different blog post with photo's of my outfit.

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