Friday, January 17, 2014

Primark haul January 2014

Hello Sweethearts,

yes for today's post I have prepared a haul. And not just any other haul but a Primark haul.
Now to be honest I expected a lot more items in the big Primark store, not just because the whole festive part of the winter just ended. But also because it's a new month of a new year which equals a totally new collection?
I was kind of disappointed but I still managed to find some nice stuff.

The first item I got is this gorgeous leave ring. It goes around your whole finger. The rind was €2.50.&& even though it's a small it still feels a little big.

The second item (or items) are these super cute above the knuckle rings. I got them in small for only €2 super happy! I especially love the heart shaped one.

The third item are these super cute super warm super large owl socks. && guesssss what they are on sale. So these cutes were only €2, YEAY.

The fourth item is this super gorgeous pink bag with bow detail. I don't know I saw it and something told me that I needed to have it, so I got it for only €9! Super in love (I already showed this bag on instagram.)

The last items are these army printed leggings for €8 and a sport top with whole for mp3 players (or Ipod) which was also €8.

What did you get from Primark this month?

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